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The thrifty Nogent – double-edged
Add the essential to your kitchen! This peeler is the best known of peeler! let yourself be tempted by this very practical round!


Color: Green
Range: Expert

First of all, the blades are made of stainless steel, the sharp edge makes it easy to peel fruits and vegetables. In addition, the tip of the blade is machined to allow you to easily remove the “eye” of the potato. The single cutting edge allows easy use by a right-handed person and is anti-jamming.

Next, the cutting edge benefits from the Affidenté® technology, ensuring a 4 tooth to millimeter toothing that is virtually invisible to the naked eye. All this to benefit from exceptional peeling quality.

The handle is polypropylene, color and guaranteed indémanchable. It is dishwasher safe.


The thrifty Nogent
All the conditions are there to have a good time in your kitchen with good tools.

Being well equipped is the most important thing to be able to cook properly! This type of economy is thought to optimize the moments of preparation. This peeler is designed to remove the skin of vegetables or fruits. Indeed its blade allows to fulfill the conditions necessary to peel thin or thick skins.


Nogent - Polypropylene vegetable peeler – Expert

VAT Included
  • 01325K

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