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Chef Mickael Lequeux

Chef Mika has more than 25 years of wide-ranging professional experience. 


He has worked at numerous establishments including Michelin starred restaurants (Erno's Bistro, The Great House), luxury hotels (Hilton, Hermitage) and also in event and venue catering (ECB, Meyer, Villa Kennedy).  


He has created bespoke events cooking in private homes and curated individual cooking lessons.  His talent has taken him across the world from his home in France to Britain, Dubai and now Frankfurt.

mickael lecqueux Kochchef in Frankfurt

Few Words about the Chef

Mickaël Lequeux is a French chef from Frankfurt.
His name as a cook and artist is Mile Chef.

Carpaccio by Chef mika


lachs carpaccio by Chef Mika


Patisserie by Chef Mika


The testimony of an artist from another artist

Download the text of Raphaelle Blomberg (in French) 


A french Story


Chef Mika - Catering Frankfurt

The Philosophy

Chef Mika's Cuisine believes in the following:

Amazing Flavour: Chef Mika prepares fresh and seasonal dishes with special cooking techniques that suit a Shadow Restaurant, they are brought to you in a glass container to ensure optimal freshness.

High Hospitality Service: We take time during our delivery to talk to our customers as we are eager to share more about the dish, where the ingredients come from, provide advice on what to drink with the dish and much more.  Food is our passion!

Sustainability: We source our produce from the best suppliers coming from the only planet we have and believe no food should go to waste and packaging should be kept to a minimum.  Hence our Black Days event and our glass container policy.

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