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No need to wait for Christmas to enjoy oysters! Enjoy them all year round with our Nogent oyster knife ***!

Invite family and friends over for an iodised aperitif, and let the Nogent *** oyster knife make it easy for you.

Whether you're an occasional amateur or a seasoned connoisseur, the Nogent *** oyster knife is the essential tool to simplify your oyster tasting. When you hold this oyster knife in your hand, you can feel its quality and balance. Its ergonomic handle, designed for a perfect grip, lets you open your oysters in complete safety. The stainless steel blade guarantees unfailing durability, and the blue design of the handle is reminiscent of the ocean. The little extra: you can put it in the dishwasher! 

Chef's tip: Open your oysters 20 to 30 minutes before eating. Pour off the first water, as the oysters will create a second water while they rest, giving them an even better flavour. To open your oysters safely, take a tea towel and our Nogent oyster knife ***. Protect your hand holding the oyster with the cloth, then slide the blade of the knife between the two shells, level with the muscle at the top two-thirds of the oyster. Insert the blade between the shells, then cut the muscle and separate them. The oysters are ready, but you'll need to be patient before tasting them!

Raw oysters are often served with a dash of lemon juice or the famous shallot vinegar, topped off with a glass of white wine. Enjoy every moment of this experience with the Nogent *** oyster knife, the ideal accessory to make your oyster tasting easier.


Nogent - Oyster knife - Blue | Classic Polypro

VAT Included
  • 09063G

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