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Fish scaler - Triple action | Classic Polypro

Opt for quality when preparing your fish with the Nogent *** fish scaler. This triple-action tool is designed to simplify the preparation of your fish.


With this versatile utensil, you can easily cut off the fins, open the fish and gut it thanks to its double V-shaped blade. Three essential functions, all accomplished with one handy tool. So why hesitate?

Discover our Nogent *** professional triple action fish scaler, an exceptional quality tool made in France, with a blue polypropylene handle. This fish scaler stands out for its versatility, offering a complete solution for preparing your fresh fish.


The double-serrated stainless steel blade is the key feature of this professional fish scaler. This innovation makes removing scales child's play, guaranteeing fast, efficient preparation. The accompanying sharp blade is specially designed to cut fins with precision, making it easy to open fish and gut them.


A remarkable feature of our scaler is its V-shaped blade, meticulously crafted to empty the fish's entrails in one skilful movement. This feature enables the internal cleaning of the fish to be carried out quickly and efficiently, ensuring clean, professional preparation.


The blue polypropylene handle adds a modern touch to this scaler, offering a comfortable, ergonomic grip. Made with care in France, this scaler combines traditional know-how with innovation, making it the essential tool for all lovers of iodised cuisine. Opt for quality and performance with our Nogent *** triple action fish scaler, your essential ally for sublimating your fish dishes.


Nogent - Fish scaler - Triple action | Classic Polypro

VAT Included
  • 09037G

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