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Perfect for your baguette!

Its curved serrated blade will help you to slice your bread without any effort.

The handle is ultra resistant to temperature, water and shock.

Opinel- Intempora Bread knife N°216

VAT Included
  • Blade length:    21cm

    Martensitic stainless steel with a high carbon content (0.52%) which guarantees excellent sharpness and high cutting power while offering good corrosion resistance thanks to the addition of chromium (14.5%) and manganese (0.60%).

    The moulded handle is made from fibreglass polyoxymethylene which ensures excellent resistance to wear and water and outstanding impact strength. Thanks to its curved shape and triangular profile, it provides a secure and comfortable grip.

    The full-tang blade extends throughout the entire length of the handle. The knife is robust and well balanced.

  • Nr: 254528

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