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Resistant to 220°C temperatures

Spatula ideal for turning, stirring, mixing and scraping containers.
Entirely made in ​​polyglass, it is highly resistant to cracking and breaking, and can resist high temperatures (up to +220°C).
Made of non-porous material: the spatula is rot-proof and does not decompose.
Robust and durable spatula, rounded without edge to effectively scrape containers.
Practical: it does not damage the coating of non-stick pans.
The end of the handle has a rim to prevent the spatula falling into the preparation.
Cool handle for a safer use without the risk of burning.
The size is engraved on the handle.
Hygienic: dishwasher-safe, can be sterilised.

de Buyer - White Rond Spatula - 220°C

VAT Included
    • Heat source - None
    • Material - Polyglass
    • Variation - Length 25cm or 35cm
  • Nr: 4745.25 /4745.35

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