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"Maryse" flexible spatula has a heat-resistant silicone blade which makes it perfect for hot work (maximum operating temperature: +260°C).
Practical, it enables you to scrape containers and inaccessible areas, as well as transferring a dish.
A single-piece design, the blade and handle are inseparable; "maryse" is designed for intensive professional use.
Spatula moulded onto the handle: prevents the growth of bacteria from the remains of preparations left between the blade and the handle.
Blade with a rounded corner and a right angle to effectively scrape any type of containers without damaging them.

de Buyer - Spatula HighTemperature +260°c

VAT Included
    • Heat source - None
    • Material - Silicone
    • Variation - Length 25cm or 35cm or 45cm
  • Nr: 4740

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