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Stainless steel dessert log mould with removable ends ideal for making logs and terrines, for cold forming and assembly, making chocolate decorations..
Sturdy undeformable dessert log mould.
Removable ends and smooth interior surface for easy mould release.
Dessert log mould assembly via easy interlocking system.
Non-watertight dessert log mould: prevent leakage by lining the mould with food-grade cling film before filling.
Enhanced features: good value quality dessert log mould.
Goes in the refrigerator, freezer, deep freezer, blast chiller.
Not suitable for the microwave oven.
Care: dishwasher-safe.

de Buyer - Round long mould, stainless steel

VAT Included
    • Heat source - Oven
    • Material - Stainless steel
    • Variation - 30x6,5cm
    • Materials - Stainless steel
    • Dimensions - 30x6,5cm
    • Shape - Buche
    • Fixe ou amovible - Amovible
  • Nr: 3206.30

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