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Used with a nozzle, disposable pastry bags can be used in the same way as reusable bags, that is to fill, garnish and decorate. These disposable pastry bags are transparent, which enables to see the amount of preration left. The sealing on the side is reinforced to ensure good resistance to tearing, and to make them safe to use. Designed for single use, disposable pastry bags are 100% hygienic and do not require cleaning. Very easy to use, just cut the pointed end of the bag with scissors and insert the mixture through the top of the pastry bag. These pastry bags are practical and can resist temperatures of up to +70°C.

de Buyer - Dispenser roll of Disposable Pastry Bags

VAT Included
    • Heat source - None
    • Material - Polyethylene
    • Variation - 20 oder 100 bags - length 40cm
  • Nr: 4348

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