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"Cul-de-Poule" hemispherical bowl with a silicone base for professional use, ideal for whisking, heating by bain-marie, storing a mixture...
Multifunctional: goes in the refrigerator, deep-freezer and blast-chiller.
Essential hemispherical shape: helps incorporate air, for example for whisking egg whites or Chantilly cream.
All stainless steel: heavy-duty, robust and undeformable.
Bottom coated with silicone and slightly flat for excellent stability.
Permanent laser marking: inside scale for dosage amounts.
Functional and ergonomic open rolled edge, which enables a secure grip, strong and comfortable grip avoiding injuries.
Open rim for easier cleaning.

de Buyer - "Cul-de-Poule" hemispherical bowl with a silicone base

VAT Included
    • Heat source - None
    • Material - Stainless steel
    • Variation - Ø 16cm
    • Materials - Stainless steel
    • Diameter - Ø 16cm
  • Nr: 3373

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